Ross Revenge - The gallery I

(restoration part under construction!)

View on main insulator winch and superstructure

Yes, they are glooming, the big tubes of the 50KW Ampliphase (PA)

The trawl winch from better perspective than with my old cam

No, not a call center - uploading the pics online ;-)

With Mr. Foster in the new kitchen - I am that little dwarf between

The new studio -on air july 2008

The most wonderful radioship as I saw her the next morning (and can t get her out of my mind again!)

These pics are „thrown in“ in a hurry – sorry, if the size doesn t fit properly!

Achim Woellgens

    c) pics and links partly courtesy of Achim Woellgens, Horizon Magazine, Peter Messingfeld (transmitter-page) and

    of course the famous and hard working Ross Revenge restoration crew (2008)